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Certisolis: Solar photovoltaic module performance testing and certification laboratory

CertisoliCERTISOLIS TC provides actors in the photovoltaic sector (energy production companies, module manufacturers, contractors, individuals…) a choice of products presenting the best quality and performance guarantee over time.

Certisolis is the only laboratory in France that certifies photovoltaic (PV) product energy performance. It allows actors in the global PV sector to develop PV solutions with confidence. To demand Certisolis is to demand high-performance, long-lasting PV products.

A single certification in France

Launched in January by CERTISOLIS, the new version of the brand in 2014 CERTISOLIS PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES just delivered its first certificates:

Download certificate V.M.H.

Download certificate L.L.P. ASTANA SOLAR.

Download certificate VOLTEC SOLAR

Download certificate SILLIA VL Vénissieux

Download certificate SILLIA VL Lannion

The five main principles of the brand CERTISOLIS PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES:

1. neutrality, independence, rigor and certifying competence

2. referential and audit procedures and consensual assessment, established with representatives of the different stakeholders

3. transparency and objectivity of the information provided to customers, partners and service providers

4. the issuance of a certificate for the development and certification of the module performance

5. the quality of technical expertise by CERTISOLIS (17025 and 45011 accreditation)