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Certisolis: Solar photovoltaic module performance testing and certification laboratory

CertisoliCERTISOLIS TC provides actors in the photovoltaic sector (energy production companies, module manufacturers, contractors, individuals…) a choice of products presenting the best quality and performance guarantee over time.

Certisolis is the only laboratory in France that certifies photovoltaic (PV) product energy performance. It allows actors in the global PV sector to develop PV solutions with confidence. To demand Certisolis is to demand high-performance, long-lasting PV products.

"Made In Europe" France

  • Following the release of the decree of 7 January 2013 on the increase in electricity prices, it is possible to receive a bonus rate of 5 or 10% depending on the photovoltaic modules, cells or silicon wafers are manufactured within the European Economic Area (EU).

    Find all the manufacturers certified by CERTISOLIS, benefiting of the increase in electricity prices.

    List of manufacturers : "Made In Europe" France